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Take your business skills to the next level with this reports based on The Main Report Editors' long experience of real business issues. The Effective Communicator will help you master the crucial art of getting your messsage across, while Business Classics is a business primer, giving you proven methods for making your business more profitable. Get on top of today's fast paced business environment with these two reports, which should be among the resources of anyone serious about business today.

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Every serious management decision-maker needs to know 'Changes in the Economy'.

The NZ Regional Economic Scoreboard is a quarterly economic indicator, prepared by the Main Report Group in association with ASB Bank Ltd.

It provides exclusive, practical, at-a-glance statistical research including Employment, Retail Trade, House Prices, Construction, Population, New Car Sales and ranks NZ's 16 Regional Council areas.

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We guarantee to provide you with at least 3 ideas in each issue you can immedaitely use. Double your results, impliment new ideas, focus your organisation and help produce increasing sales and profits by being the first to know of impending issues.

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For 34 years, The Main Report has helped thousands of people with entrepreneurial spark succeed!

See for yourself how The Main Report Business Alert can help you prepare to take hold of new opportunities ahead. Use our weekly Report – 4 pages of brisk business trends, ideas, forecasts and analysis – to improve prospects for your business success. We aim to protect you and your company…by acting as an early warning system. We interpret the signals from many resources and report back to you with reliable insights on how you, your business and its future will be affected.

Decision-making has never been more difficult...

And right now, in the midst of today’s tricky economic climate, is the best time to make sure you are fully fore-armed to meet the business challenges ahead … and to begin capitalising on the many opportunities you may have been missing.

With political and commercial changes that have occurred in the last 15 years and with more waiting in the wings, The Main Report Editors advise: Stay Alert!

The Main Report Business Alert has been referred to as an antidote to information overload. It is edited and written in a clear, concise style (by people attuned to business needs) to make every minute profitable for you. It is true New Zealand content – not an overseas adaptation. The increasing problem of having too much to read is solved immediately.

Great Motivational Tool For Staff:
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The Main Report Business Alert gives you specialised input you can’t get from television, radio, newspapers or magazines. It focuses on the key issues affecting businesses today.

Receive weekly advice on:
• Government policy and legislation • management techniques • cost controls • productivity • effective communication • hiring and firing • time management • customer service • motivation • career advancement • quality control • strategic planning • financial analysis • marketing and advertising trends • employee relations • changing business trends and the latest predictions • and more about the issues affecting you
and your business.

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PS. The Main Report Business Alert is edited exclusively for top management in all companies from small to large. Every issue is full of new ideas, trends and good advice you can put to use right away to save money, plan ahead, solve problems and avoid costly mistakes.

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26 September 2016

  • This Week... The CTU says while NZ’s economy my be growing, the growth is based on high immigration and low quality production, and per person GDP is only moving forward at a snail’s pace.
  • Manufacturing is being cited as the powerhouse of NZ growth - by ManufacturingNZ. The organisation says manufacturing employs quarter of a million people and contributes $12bn in wages and billions more in exports every year.
  • We give you some hints abut how to boost your self confidence - try cutting out negative self talk for a start, and stop comparing yourself with others.
  • And remote controlled cargo ships are closer. The ships would be controlled from shore by crews like military drones. They are about to be trialled in the waters off Finland.

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